Tattersall's Landscape Art Prize

Below are the 2012 Landscape Art Prize Entries:

Amor, Rick
'Recycled Concrete Plant'
Anderson, Peter
'Balls Bay, Norfolk Island'
Austin, Daryl
'The View from the Second Floor of GOMA'

Bang, Min Woo

Barker, Luke
Beard, John
'Diamond Bay II'
Benjamin, Jason
'Great Adventures'

Bokor, John
'The Playing Fields, Bulli'

Bramley-Moore, Mostyn
Breusch, Cynthia
'Playground by Moonlight'
Brimblecombe-Fox, Kathryn
'Cosmic Dust'

Brownhall, Robert
'Go Between Under Construction'

Caldwell, John
'Riverina Storm'
Carment, Tom
'Winter Evenings, Kings Cross'
Carroll, Patrick
'Hillside & Waterline, Gundagai NSW'

Chen, Jun
'Green Farm'

Chen, Zhong
'Winter Days'
Cordero, Jason
'A good place to start'
Cox, Dale
'Untitled - Tract 17'

Eather, Michael
'Remembering Narrabeen - Going back to Brisbane'

Egan, Melissa
'On Tom's Dam'
Ellis, Rachel
'Bathurst Landscape - William Street'
English, Gail
'Someone elses country'

Ewing, Robert
'Somewhere between memory and imaginings III'

Fairbairn, Alix
'Phillip Street Terminus'
Fantauzzo, Vincent
Fransella, Graham
'River Track'

Frazer, Neil
'Blue Chamber'

Gannon, Darren
Goodacre, Ivan
'Cowra Sunset'
Grant, Ian
'Red Hillside'

Gregory Drew
'Drovers Hut'

Haggith, Paul
'Drifting Above'
Hansen, Mureen
'Twin Tree; After O'Keefe's Laurel Tree'
Hedstrom, Benjamin
'Reservior Street Café - Surry Hills'

Hicks, Neil
'Spindrift Wages'

Hinchliffe, David
'Blood Red'
Hudson, Peter
'Coochin Creek'
Jagamara, Michael Nelson
'Yam at Piklyi'

Keeling, David
'She-Oak Afternoon Light; The view from my window'

Kemmar Loy, Genevieve
'Bush Turkey Tracks in my Country'
Kunoth Knwarry, Elizabeth
'Leaves and Roots of the Bush Potato'
Langois, Chris
'Waterfield no. 9'

Loy Pwerl, Cowboy
'Bush Turkey Dreaming'

Makin, Jeff
'Mt Zero Across Lake Taylor'
Malherbe, Robert
'Cudgegong River'
Mathews, Laura
'By The Light'

McDougall, Scott
'Mojita Y Che - Carriage Works, Redfern'

McKenzie, Alexander
'Fleeing Fire'
McVinish, Christopher
'Sunday Morning'
McWilliams, Michael
'Sunday Afternoon in the Country'

Nalingu, Joanne Currie
'Blood River Golden Shield'

Napangardi, Dorothy
Nimmo, Elliot
'Silver Birches'
Parer, Amanda

Paulson, David
'Reflection III'

Penrose Hart, Amanda
Perrin, Nick
'High Plain Drifters'
Rannersberger, Caroline
'Quiet Bay'

Rennie, Reko
'Namoi River - Kamilaroi, NSW'

Robba, Leo
'View of the Artists Garden'
Seelander, Keren
'Dark Night'
Sharp, Raelene
'The Kiss of Light'

Smets, Peter
'Morning Talk'

Smith, Ian
'Descending Pyramids of Gladstone Road'
Strampp, Adriane
'Grey Garden'
Sweaney, Robyn
'Poinciana Street Summer'

Taylor, Neil
'The Sky On The Ground'

Wagner, Luke
'I Don't Need to Know'
Waldron, Ian
'Rdeemp; Bark of Tree'

White, Judith
'Figures in Landscape Past and Present'

White, Naomi
'Secret Path'

Wilson, Kim
'Sanctuary I'
Wolf-Tasker, Allan
'Freshwater Creek'
Wu, Zhi Peng
'After Rain'

Yeldham, Joshua
Yoeman's Bay

Paul, Ryan
'North by North West'

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